For the past sixty years our corporate mission has been to become the leading supplier of specialty wholesale tires throughout Central California. We started out as Corcoran Tire and Recapping back in the 40’s evolving into what is now today Commercial Tire Sales based in Fresno, California.
Commercial Tire building in the 1950's

Commercial Tire is a direct wholesaler for most major brands as well as a vast array of specialty suppliers. Our Full Service Sales Force is committed to providing ongoing support on existing products and will give you the opportunity to expand your product offering. Our recent acquisition of Central Cal Tire brings us one step closer to the accomplishment of our goals. As you may know, Commercial Tire Sales has been a supplier to Central Cal Tire for more than 31 years. Not only did the acquisition enable current Central Cal customers to remain a top priority, but all of our customers will benefit from the wide range of quality products, service and financial stability that Commercial Tire has built its name on.

As we continue to grow and advance our technology we will make every effort to improve efficiency and customer service. We have just integrated a full online ordering system through eTireLink to make ordering even easier, available to our customers 24/7/365. Commercial Tire is dedicated to our customers growth and success. From in-house sales training to trade-show presence we will be at your side.